Juliane Eirich: Itoshima

Juliane Eirich Itoshima, copyright 2011
Publisher: Peperoni Books
Interview: Sandra Rendgen
Language: English

Still Life

I don’t want to lose a lot of words, but when one of my favourite photographers publishes a book, even if it’s been 7 years ago now, I want to pay tribute to her.
Juliane Eirich has the great gift of producing unusually wide-ranging works within her style.
Already her first project „Monterey Trailer Park“ shows the way, exclusive night shots, a stylistic device that is still underused and paid too little attention to, the balancing act of analytical shots, which nevertheless create emotions and positive feelings, is already great art.

Seen in this light, „Itochima“ is a kind of best of her previous works. At first glance they are portraits. Mainly of nature and buildings. That alone would be terribly boring, of course, but then the colors come into play, the geometric figures, the deliberately chosen cut-outs. If one would describe her pictures only orally, they sound like snapshots, but one look is enough to discover much more. She always takes a lot of time for every single shot and this calmness is also the basis of her pictures, perfectly balanced, perfectly cut and just as a series (but not only) new worlds open up behind the windows, behind the trees.