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    John Pilson: Interregna

    John Pilson: Interregna, copyright 2006 Publisher: Hatje Cantz Texts: Jeffrey Anderson Language: English   For six years, from 1994 to 2000, Pilson worked in the financial district of ...

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    Juliane Eirich: Itoshima

    Juliane Eirich Itoshima, copyright 2011 Publisher: Peperoni Books Interview: Sandra Rendgen Language: English I don’t want to lose a lot of words, but when one of my favourite ...

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    Christian Wolter: Blühende Landschaften

    Christian Wolter: Blühende Landschaften, copyright 2008 Publisher: Kehrer Texts: Ulrich Schneider Design: Rasmus Giesel Language: English, German   Criticism of Capitalism as a monothematic listing of industrial ruins. ...

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    Dirk Reinartz: Innere Angelegenheiten

    Dirk Reinartz: Innere Angelegenheiten, copyright 2003 Publisher: Steidl Verlag Not only content is king, context should be king as well. Too often, photographic works remain in the approximate, ...

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    Ulrich Wüst: Randlage

    Ulrich Wüst: Randlage, copyright 2019 Publisher: Edition Braus Texts: Saša Stanišić  Design: Peter Nils Doren Language: German   One of the most interesting areas of tension in the ...

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    Janne Lehtinen: The Descendants

    Janne Lehtinen: The Descendants, copyright 2008 Publisher: Hatje Cantz Texts: Jan Kaila, Janne Lehtinen, Juha Lehtinen, Oiva Lehtinen Design: PBLC Design Hamburg Language: English   Anyone who has ...

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    Harf Zimmermann – Hufelandstraße, 1055 Berlin

    Harf Zimmermann – Hufelandstraße, 1055 Berlin, copyright 2018 Publisher: Steidl Verlag Language: German   In the summer of 2017 I visited the exhibition of William Klein at C/O ...

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    Frederik Busch: German Business Plants

    Frederik Busch: German Business Plants, copyright 2018 Publisher: Kehrer Verlag Texts: Jacob Birken, Annika Wind Design: PBLC Design Hamburg Lanugage: German, English   On average, Germans change their ...

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    Robert Schlotter: Beyond Cold War

    Robert Schlotter: Beyond Cold War, copyright 2014 Publisher: Mitteldeutscher Verlag Texts: Andreas Montag and Fabian Knierim Design: Sven Lindhorst-Emme Language: German, English If any country knows about borders, ...

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    Peter Braunholz: Fotografische Wirklichkeiten

    Peter Braunholz: Fotografische Wirklichkeiten, copyright 2017 Publisher: Kehrer Texts: Gérard Goodrow Design: Kehrer Design Language: German, English   “We need photographers to keep us aware of what’s happening ...

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    Regina Schmeken: Blutiger Boden

    Regina Schmeken: Blutiger Boden- Die Tatorte des NSU, copyright 2016 Texts: Gorch Pieken, Katja Protte, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Barbara John, Feridun Zaimoglu, Annette Ramelsberger Design: Marc Naroska Language: ...

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    Dieter Blum: Cowboys

    Dieter Blum: Cowboys – The first Shooting 1992, copyright 2016 Publisher: Hatje Cantz Texts: Friederike Horstmann, Renate Wiehager Design: Superfantastic Language: German, English Dieter Blum is, next to ...

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