Paul Hiller: Happy Sad Souvenirs

Paul Hiller: Happy Sad Souvenirs, copyright 2021Publisher: The Velvet CellTexts:Design: Language: English In 1974, the film Westworld was released. A new kind of amusement park with androids running amok. A dystopia about the dangers of new technogies when humans give up control. Almost 30 years later, Wes Anderson appeared on the scene and with him […]

Peter Braunholz: Fotografische Wirklichkeiten

Peter Braunholz: Fotografische Wirklichkeiten, copyright 2017Publisher: KehrerTexts: Gérard GoodrowDesign: Kehrer DesignLanguage: German, english „We need photographers to keep us aware of what’s happening in the world“ Gerard Goodrow in conversation with Peter Braunholz. If we take this statement as an invitation, the works of Peter Braunholz come very close to this claim. In his previous […]

Dirk Reinartz: Innere Angelegenheiten

Dirk Reinartz: Innere Angelegenheiten, copyright 2003Publisher: Steidl Verlag Not only content is king, context should be king as well. Too often, photographic works remain in the approximate, an unmotivated listing of unconnected photographs, as can often be observed in the unspeakable street photography. Dirk Rienartz makes this „blemish“ the topic. His „Internal Affairs“ gets by […]

Andrews Phelps: Nature de Luxe

Andrews Phelps: Nature de Luxe, copyright 2018.Publisher: Verlag Anton Pustet, Salzburg, AustriaForeword: Oliver ElserTexts: German, english Why people spend their holidays in motorhomes and on campsites will always remain a mystery to me, but millions find their happiness in this kind of holiday.The evolution that this form of holiday has undergone is quite remarkable. From […]

Andrei Krementschouk: No Direction Home

Andrei Krementschouk: No Direction Home, copyright 2009Publisher: Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, GermanyForeword: Boris MikhailovTexts: German/English Really everyone has an opinion about Russia. Depending on political and personal orientation, it is either positive or negative. In this opinion compass, Germany once again takes on a special role. On the one hand a former country within the former […]

David Spero: Churches

David Spero: Churches, copyright 2007Piublisher: SteidlMACKTexts: David Spero and Patrick WrightDesign: Catherine Lutman and David SperoLanguage: English The first buildings that come to mind, thinking of houses of worship, are of course the great iconic buildings, Sagrada Família, Cologne Cathedral or St Paul’s Cathedral.Then the churches in the immediate vicinity, where you might have been […]

Ulrich Wüst: Randlage

Ulrich Wüst: Randlage, copyright 2019Publisher: Edition BrausTexts: Saša StanišićDesign: Peter Nils DorenLanguage: German One of the most interesting areas of tension in the current political and social discourse is rural areas and their characteristics. Or better: its omissions, it is up to the „city dwellers“ who have little love for the rural world, and so […]

Robert Schlotter: Beyond Cold War

Robert Schlotter: Beyond Cold War, copyright 2014Publisher: Mitteldeutscher VerlagTexts: Andreas Montag and Fabian KnierimDesign: Sven Lindhorst-EmmeLanguage: German, English If any country knows about borders, it is Germany. But also, of course, with the removal of borders and the transformation of this area. Robert Schlotter’s not only explored these borders, he set out to search for […]

Regina Schmeken: Blutiger Boden- Die Tatorte des NSU

Regina Schmeken: Blutiger Boden- Die Tatorte des NSU, copyright 2016Texts: Gorch Pieken, Katja Protte, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Barbara John, Feridun Zaimoglu, Annette Ramelsberger Design: Marc NaroskaLanguage: German How can the worst series of murders in Germany be processed photographically? Regina Schmeken decided to document the places of the crime. Only the locations. Neither relatives can […]

Juliane Eirich: Itoshima

Juliane Eirich Itoshima, copyright 2011Publisher: Peperoni BooksInterview: Sandra RendgenLanguage: English I don’t want to lose a lot of words, but when one of my favourite photographers publishes a book, even if it’s been 7 years ago now, I want to pay tribute to her.Juliane Eirich has the great gift of producing unusually wide-ranging works within […]